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Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014

Welcome Back Roderick Families!

I hope that you and your children had a good week away from school last week.  The children seemed to return to school this week recharged and ready to go.

The 6th Annual Family Literacy Night will be held on Monday, March 3rd from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM in the Roderick School.  Teachers from the Delaney and Roderick Schools have put together a wonderful evening for all students.  Creative and exciting new programs have been added this year as well as some of the most popular activities from previous years. Our PTO will again be organizing a book swap in the cafeteria.  We hope to see you all there! 

Earlier this week, Miss Zardeskas' class and Mrs. O'Toole's class completed a culminating activity for their Simple Machines Unit. Students worked cooperatively to build a simple machine from a selection of edible materials. They had 25 minutes to construct their models and were asked to identify the resistant force and the effort force needed to move the load of the machine, as well as describe the mechanical advantage. Students were able to describe how their model made work easier, and once their machines were created, they presented them to their peers.

Positive Referrals

Congratulations to the following students who received Positive Referrals!  We are so proud of each and every one of them!

 Mr. McGuire and the students really enjoy the after school enrichment class: Chess Club.  These students are some really good players!

Students in the IAP Enrichment Program have been competing in “Junkbox Challenges”, as a part of a unit on Physics and Architecture.  The activities combine national content standards for science, math and technology.  Each challenge requires collaboration, problem solving and flexible thinking.  So far, students have designed “Super Structures” to see how many pennies a 20 cm tower could hold and a chain that could support over 2 kilograms of mass.  The catch is that the students are given limited supplies (a shoebox of “junk”) and time to complete the challenge, and a set of basic requirements must be met .  In terms of determination, team work, and innovation, all of the designs have been winners!

A group of fifth graders take part in the important task of designing and assigning responsibilities.  

As a reminder, please refrain from entering the bus circle from 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM - 3:00PM.  In the last month or so, there have been numerous vehicles trying to enter the bus circle during the times mentioned above.  This creates a serious safety issue for students, staff, and parents.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


As a reminder, the dancing for Mrs. Pitman Dance-A-Thon will take place on Thursday, March 6th from 6-8 in the Roderick cafeteria.  Please contact the PTO with any questions.

A pledge sheet is attached to the school website and the PTO classroom email.  
We welcome walk in registrations and pledges, so even if you have a half hour to spare, please stop by and join the fun!  There will be small kid-friendly raffles the night of the event as well.  
We still need a few small $10-$15 kid-friendly items for raffles. We prefer items that are dance related or           St. Patrick's Day themed items. 
Volunteers are needed too, e-mail us at if you can help or donate a raffle item. 

Finally, please visit the Wrentham Community Events website at to get more details on the DWTWS event. Tax deductible donations/votes can be made online to benefit Mrs. Pitman and PTO!

Dancing with the Wrentham Stars, aka "DWTWS"
All fundraising for this event for the PTO is intended to replace the Spring Fundraiser, a product/catalog type of fundraiser.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Read Across Wrentham
We are in the last week of the 5 week program.  Everyone is doing great!  Please turn in log sheets by March 7.

As a reminder, the WEST comedy night will take place on Friday, March 7th from 7-11 at Raffael's restaurant in Walpole.  Please contact WEST for further information.

Have an awesome weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

Warm regards,
Stephen S. Grenham, Principal

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Hello Roderick Families,

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Monday, the Wrentham Co-operative Bank Science Lab officially opened.   We would like to thank WEST and the Wrentham Co-operative bank for making this lab a reality.

This interactive room will provide a perfect environment for the children to see the wonders that science has to offer and will engage their interest levels.  This room creates an environment where students, for many years to come, can receive multiple hands-on opportunities to demonstrate what they are learning.

Special thanks to Senator Ross and Representative Dooley for attending the ribbon cutting. 


This week members of our Student Council and students in grades 4 - 6 created Valentine's Day cards for seniors at the Pond Home.  The students did a fantastic job!

 May MCAS Dates:

Grade 4

Math - May 8th & May 9th

Grade 5

Science - May 6th & May 7th

Math - May 15th & May 16th

Grade 6

Math - May 13th & May 14

If at all possible, please do not schedule any medical or dental appointments for your child/children on the MCAS testing dates.  We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in eliminating any unnecessary absences.  As always, please do not hesitate to call our teaching staff or me if you have any questions or concerns.

Bravo to our recent Positive Referral recipients.  These students were recognized by a variety of staff members throughout the building for embodying our school's Core Values!  We are proud of you all! 

Congratulations to the members of our Beginning Band and music instructor, Tracy Salazar for their fantastic performance on Wednesday evening.  Although many of the students have been involved in band for less than six months, this group sounded great! 

During Science this week Miss Yelle's class discovered the meaning of static electricity and how electrons travel. They also had a chance to visit the wonderful Science lab in the Vogel School. Students used the electricity kits to build circuits to make a light bulb light, and a fan run. Students tested various objects to see if they would conduct electricity and in the end they were able to differentiate conductors from insulators. 

You are invited to An Instant Challenge Round Robin!

When: Wednesday, February 19th,
Session 1 – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Session 2 – 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

RSVP is a required, as materials need to be supplied!
Please email or call
Linda DeVore – deadline February 14th
(508) 789-4493

Team Managers can sign up their entire team or
a parent may sign up their student individually.

Choose either session or both and bring a bag lunch!


Dance-A-Thon for All Students
Help Support the PTO  & our "Dancing Star" Kristin Pitman
Thursday, March 6th from 6-8pm
Roderick Cafeteria

Come out and have a great time dancing while raising money for the PTO and inspiring Mrs. Pitman to get her groove on!
Refreshments available. All students grades 3 and under require a parent present.
Extra forms can be found on the school website.

Best wishes for a great weekend and enjoy the time away from school.

Thanks for reading,
Stephen S. Grenham, Principal