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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Moving Up Assemblies -
During the week of June 13-17, students gathered for their grade level assembly in the Roderick Cafeteria to have a chance to meet the teachers in next year's grade, learn some "fun facts" about each teacher, and also heard about some of the learning opportunities in store for them next year!   This turned out to be a great way for students to connect the faces they have seen in the hallways to the names of the teachers on next year's team.  After the assemblies, students could be heard talking about what they were looking forward to learning the next year.  While grades 4 and 5 were familiar with where most of the classrooms were for next year's grade, third graders were given a tour of the building and also had some time to try out the Roderick playground during their recess time.

Principals of the Day Meet the Fifth Grade Teachers

Principals for the day INTRODUCE the Fifth Grade Team!

More Move-Up Assembly Pictures...

Grade 4 USA Tour:

Grade 5 Colonial Day!

Grade 6...

Mrs. Cederbaum's students created relief maps.

Mrs. Haughey's students partner with third graders as guides to the Revolutionary Wrentham trip.

"Dr. M" teaches a lesson to Miss White's class on probability.

Grade 4 Writing Celebrations...

Awards Ceremony - All of the Roderick students in grades 4-6 gathered in the Cafeteria in the morning on June 17th to celebrate various achievements.  Awards for "Unsung Heroes" in each classroom who consistently exemplify our core values along with awards for the Continental Math League, Spelling Bee, Student Council, Student Advertisement Committee and a recognition of Community Impact were awarded to students.  We also took a moment to recognize the staff members who have reached various milestones in their service to the Wrentham Public Schools as well.  We gathered as a single community to honor these achievements and we were pleased that Dr. Cameron could join us!  Thank you to Ms. Kost for assisting during the presentation of the awards, thank you to Mrs. McGee who helped gather the recipients after the presentation of each award, and thank you to Mrs. Fox for taking the amazing pictures!

Student Advertisement Committee

Student Council

Continental Math League

Spelling Bee

Grade 4 Unsung Heroes

Grade 5 Unsung Heroes

Grade 6 Unsung Heroes

Community Impact

2016 Student Council Sponsored Pep Rally!

Earlier this year, our Student Council made up of fifteen representatives, one from each fifth and sixth grade class, planned a whole school Pep Rally.  They presented before the administrative team in Dr. Cameron's office in the fall and were granted permission to plan this event.  Below are some pictures of this event where every student in PreK through grade 6 as well as the teachers and administrators participated!

Sixth Grade Promotion Ceremony
In keeping with the Wrentham Public Schools tradition, we held the sixth grade promotion ceremony on the Delaney Courtyard.  A student from each class shared their reflections on their years at Delaney and Roderick and Dr. Murphy, Dr. Cameron, and Dr. Beauchaine each spoke to the class with a few words of wisdom for our sixth grade graduates moving on to 7th grade.  The courtyard and surrounding areas were brimming with proud family members and it was a wonderful send off to our oldest students!

Promotion Ensemble

Thank you students, staff, and families for a wonderful 2015-2016 school year!