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Friday, March 10, 2017

Roderick Review (Week 26) 3/6/17-3/10/17

What's New at Roderick?

Our Artists on Display!
Next Thursday, March 16, 2017, you will have the chance to see some amazing artists' work at Delaney and Roderick School.  The annual Art Show is now bigger and better than ever!  We hope you are able to join us to celebrate our artists and perhaps to be inspired to create your own!

Our galleries will be open at the following times:
Delaney Art Show (K-2) 5:00 - 6:30
Roderick Art Show (3-6) 5:30 - 7:00

If you are interested in assisting after the Art Show to help take down the art pieces, please email  Thank you!

Students are working with warm and cool colors...

...Wait until you see what all of Mrs. Lovely's students will be creating for the hallway!

Ballroom Dancing!

Students in the after-school ballroom class are practicing waltz steps and the cha-cha!

Fourth graders experience a "book tasting" 
at Mrs. Kelley's cafe
Complete with a cozy fireplace, Mrs. Kelley sets the stage to enjoy some new great literature!

Mrs. Kelley listens in as students are making predictions about some of the new books...

Students review the front cover, back cover, skim through some of the pages of the book and then discuss their thoughts with their group.  The next step will take the students into the books to savor a page or two.
 What are bullying behaviors?  Who can step in to help?
Ms. Kost and Ms. Paparo are meeting with classes to help students understand what they can do if they see a bullying behavior.  

The first step is recognizing what bullying is. 
    • Incidents that occur repeatedly.
    • A power imbalance between the aggressor and the target.
    • Behavior that is targeted and intentional.

During this class lesson, students shared that some students may target others for their differences. They may be differences in appearance, abilities, friendships, activities, but the students also shared that if everyone were the same it would be like a class of robots or clones and it would be boring. Students learned that they can help by being an "upstander" and not just a "bystander" if they witness a bullying situation.

Students know to report any bullying to a trusted adult at home and at school and if they feel comfortable, they can also let the person know that what he or she said or did was a bullying behavior and that they should stop. Sometimes, students do not feel comfortable confronting the person who is exhibiting bullying behavior, but students can still stand up for others by reporting it to an adult and by doing a "check in" with the student who was targeted. Just a few seconds to tell the person, "I saw what happened and that was not okay...are you alright?" lets the targeted student know that someone cares and reinforces that the student is not alone.


March 16th - Report cards are distributed.
March 17th - No school for students - Professional Day for teachers.
March 22nd - Early Dismissal at noon - Afternoon parent-teacher conferences
March 23rd - Early Dismissal at noon - Evening parent-teacher conferences

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