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Friday, September 23, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 4) 9/19/16-9/23/16

Roderick Review (Week 4) 9/19/16-9/23/16

I have included a few pictures from the learning this past week with captions to explain what was happening in the picture.  A couple of these were also posted on Twitter.  You are able to follow us @RoderickSchool to see what is happening in the moment, or you can also see what is posted on Twitter from the front page of the website as well.

Before we recap what has happened this past week, I wanted to share a few important dates coming up NEXT WEEK from 9/26/16-9/30/16

*PTO Fall Fundraiser!  The information was sent home this past Monday and it is still in full swing!
*PICTURE DAY! (The picture forms will be sent home on Monday, September 26th!)
     Delaney Picture Day - Thursday, September 29, 2016
     Roderick Picture Day -Friday, September 30, 2016

And now, without further ado, here are some of the events and learning taking place this past week:

Mrs. Kelley and her fourth graders talk about developing the characters in their writing and identifying internal and external traits.

Fifth graders brainstorm different chapter titles and come to a consensus in their groups to propose one chapter title that will succinctly summarize the main idea of the chapter.

Charts like these may look familiar from Open House!  Writers Workshop follows a similar format each day, but there are different focus lessons, opportunities to write, and opportunities to confer with the teacher to continue to improve our writing.

This week, Dr. Cameron made visits to the classrooms to read to the students.

Sixth graders in Ms. White's class are using the Chromebooks to draft letters as she is individually conferencing with students.

Students in Mrs. Fownes' class are exploring how to create a mathematical expression from the words that are given such as "six more than twice Z" or "42 times B"...

...sometimes "acting it out" can help the students make the connections between the language that is used and how to represent the meaning algebraically.

I spoke with some sixth graders at recess this week about the power of recess in their day.  Students spoke of its importance of recess to help them build new friendships with their new classmates and others spoke about how it clears their mind so they enter the class in the afternoon refreshed!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 3) 9/12/16-9/16/16

Roderick Review (Week 3) 9/12/16-9/16/16

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who joined us for Open House last evening!  Here are a few highlights for those that were unable to join us.

Mrs. Bevilacqua explains how her fifth graders will respond to their reading using their reading log.

School Committee Member and Roderick Parent Mrs. Schmitz, our Superintendent Dr. Cameron, and our Lead Teacher for Student Support, Miss Maloney are eager to visit classrooms!

Mrs. Cederbaum reviews homework expectations.

One of our new teachers, Mrs. Connolly is introduced to parents.

Mrs. Curtin reviews what students can expect over the course of the week AND answers questions about the upcoming Camp Bournedale trip.

Ms. Downing, with the help of her students, explains how the classroom routines work.

Director of Student Services, Mrs. McNamara and our Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Mrs. Dykstra visit with parents between grade level sessions.

Mrs. Farrell introduces her students' families to what students will be learning this year in fourth grade!

Parents of students in Mrs. Fownes' class are working hard after the presentation.

Mrs. Hall reviews the expectations she has for her students and reviews all of the ways in which parents can contact her throughout the year.  Communication between home and school is key!

Mrs. Kane finishes her introduction to what like is like in 5Kane and parents write a letter to their children.

Mrs. Kelley shares her passion and excitement for Reading and Writing!

Mrs. Lovely shares the important elements of the visual arts program and highlights a fifth grade project.  Our fifth grade parents will be able to assist with this project, too, based upon the artistic eye of their children and the ideas they have for creating their masks!  Stay tuned!

Mrs. Marazzi shares some highlights of what students will learn in math this year and the hands-on projects she has planned to help students move slowly from the concrete to the abstract.

Parents in 6Moon try out Kahoot just like their children do in class!

Meet Ms. Carly-Rae Haughey our new school nurse!

Ms. O'Connell gives parents a brief view of the curriculum this year!

Mrs. O'Toole shares the elements of the fifth grade curriculum that are intriguing to students and great fun to teach!

Parents of students in 5Downing leave behind a message to their children!

Mrs. Phipps enjoys a few conversations after her presentation.

Ms. Salazar explains the virtues of the various instruments that the students can play and also shared a video of the ensembles in action!  What a melodious treat!  I can't wait to see how many new instrumentalists we will have this year!

Mrs. Stanford shares her role as our reading specialist!

Mrs. Thornton exudes great joy talking about all that her students will experience in Social Studies as they study the different regions of the United States!

Miss White puts parents to the test as they take a quiz about their children and learn about what the students will learn during their sixth grade year! 
Miss Yelle points out the various ways in which parents can be involved in their child's class!
Mrs. McGee also had the chance to connect with a fifth grade parent after the presentation.

Mrs. DeTrolio shares the expectations for homework and also addresses the ever-popular Camp Bournedale questions looking ahead to the upcoming adventure!

After Mrs. Haughey shared what the sixth grade experience would be like, parents are asked to see if they can answer the trivia questions about their son or daughter.

Mrs. Coleman gives a preview of Math and Science topics and shares opportunities for parent experts to visit the class!

The Wrentham Wildcat dropped by our Open House!  The Wildcat is catching our students being

Friday, September 9, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 2) 9/6/16-9/9/16

Roderick Review (Week 2) 9/6/16-9/9/16

 After a four-day holiday weekend, it did not take long to develop a regular routine in class!    Students were already delving into novels and determining importance as they were reading.   Classmates would also "turn and talk" about why they felt a particular passage was important.
Fifth graders continued to get to know their classmates through artifact bags.  As each artifact was explained, classmates and teachers were able to learn more about one another, what is important to them and many realized how much they had in common with other members of their classroom community.

Students in Library with Mrs. Lopez are learning about how to get access to information both at school and at home and are learning more advanced ways to search for information.  (Students are also eager to read the new books they found!  I'm looking forward to hearing some of their recommendations as well!)

After setting up their math notebooks, students are taking notes to build a resource they can refer to time and time again.  They saved the first page as a Table of Contents and will add to it throughout the year.  On this particular day, they were writing down important information to remember about place value.

Whether in class or outside at recess, there is always a lot to observe and appreciate about the world around us.  Four concerned students rescued a frog who was desperately trying to hop away from the 140 students eager to enjoy the first outdoor recess this week!  (They carefully placed the frog at the edge of the woods to help him on his journey to safety.)

Sixth graders combined a math activity showing their mastery of the order of operations and some complicated computation while learning new facts about their classmates to help them to get to know one another.

Fifth graders in Mrs. Bevilacqua's class were brainstorming everything they already know about rocks and minerals as they embark on this unit of study for science.  Some knew, for example, about igneous rocks.

Our fourth graders were also setting up their writer's notebooks...

 ...and their heart map.

 I can't wait to read their writing!

RODERICK OPEN HOUSE - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Please plan on joining us to the 2016-2017 Roderick Open House!  As we did last year, families are invited to convene in the cafeteria to begin.  After a brief welcome with some news for this year, families will then attend the presentations from their child's classroom teacher.  Specialists will be available as well to speak with families before or after the classroom presentations.  We hope to see many of you there!

Please refer to the schedule below and join in the cafeteria at the beginning of the grade level block.  Thank you!

Grade 6 - 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Grade 5 - 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Grade 4 - 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 1) 8/31/16-9/1/16


Do you have a great moment to share from your child's first day?  If so, please follow us on Twitter @RoderickSchool and use #RodFirstDay to share a highlight of your child's first day! 
Related image

Meet and Greet August 30th
Check out the pictures from the Meet and Greet Event on Tuesday!  

From the PTO picnic with the Kona ice truck to the visits to classrooms to drop off supplies, it was a great time to join as one school community!  Thank you to those who have shared some of their experiences.  Hearing what worked well and the suggestions that you have for how to make it even better along with the feedback from the teachers will help us continue to improve the back-to-school experience.  Please feel free to send me an email me at 

From the Nurses Corner:

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We hope your child has had a wonderful start to the new school year. We wanted to kindly remind you that if your child requires a medication to be administered at school such as an EpiPen, inhaler, eye drops, or any over the counter medication, the nurses will need a doctor’s order and a signed parental permission form. Please drop off any medication in the original pharmacy labeled bottle or box to the health office.
We are unable, by law, to administer any medication to a child without these forms.
Thank you for your assistance and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Kerry Richardson, BSN, RN, NCSN- Delaney School
Julie Cashman, BSN, RN- Delaney School
Carly-Rae Haughey, BSN, RN- Roderick School

Students and teachers were all smiles on the first day of school! Check out some of the 
pictures below from the first two days of the 2016-2017 school year!

Some Grade 4 students were involved in discussions about why they think school is important and developed some goals for what they would like to learn and accomplish over the course of the year.  Students organized their materials and learning how their new classroom community will operate.  There were also several different get-to-know-you activities as students met their new table mates and started to learn about what they and their classmates have in common.  Some students also played "MOOSE" a mental math game where they need to manipulate combinations of numbers in their head and strategize to gain the most points!  

Some Grade 5 students were learning about their own learning preferences in several classrooms this week.  Students are beginning to understand their own style and how they are able to learn new concepts and skills.  Others were also learning strategies to choose independent reading books as well as practicing being a reading detective and making inferences to fully understand the author's message.  

Some Grade 6 students were taking a formative assessment in math to ascertain exactly where to focus instruction.  Some sixth graders were writing biopoems that will help the classroom community learn more about each person.  The Chromebook carts came in handy as students were publishing their poems!  Sixth graders were also learning about the upcoming epic Camp Bournedale adventure!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on TUESDAY!