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Friday, December 23, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 17) 12/19/16-12/23/16

Roderick Review (Week 17) 12/19/16-12/23/16

Students in 4T reflected about the impact that "kindness" can have on those around us as well as ourselves.  The pictures that follow were taken during a silent activity where students were able to spread kindness to others in their classroom by writing positive statements on "corners" that students would then use to complete their shape.

Look who stopped by!  
Former principal, Mr. Grenham!  We are glad you stopped by to visit us!

Take a look...A Christmas Carol Productions in Sixth Grade!

Math and Problem Solving Highlights...

Reader's Theater...

We are one festive community!
Wait until you hear our band in January!

Friday was pajama day!

Student musicians entertained the staff at the staff
holiday breakfast on Thursday

The Polar Express stops by Roderick School as a station stop!

Happy Holidays to you all and best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year!  We will see you when school resumes on TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2017!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 16) 12/12/16-12/16/16

Roderick Review (Week 16) 12/12/16-12/16/16

What's on the Fourth Grade Math Menu?  Place Value games similar to the old-fashioned card game "Top it" or "War" help students to compare the values of numbers in  standard form and word form.

Fourth graders in their reading groups are taking note of the new words they encounter, deciphering the meaning in context, and using the dictionary, when needed, to verify.

A sixth grader reviewing vocabulary through Quizlet live!  

Using Quizlet live, students work in ever-changing collaborative teams to review vocabulary words in a highly engaging, fast-paced format!

Using Kahoot, students are reviewing important science concepts and then they receive immediate feedback by seeing the graphic display such as the one seen here.

Fifth graders are beginning to write on the Chromebooks after planning their writing.

Dr. Murphy, School Committee Chair, and our Superintendent, Dr. Cameron thank our two student ambassadors for reporting out to the School Committee this past Tuesday.

The students shared what each grade has been focusing on this month.

Fifth graders in Ms. Downing's class are participating in a service project and are getting ready to deliver what they have collected!

Students are building fluency with their math facts.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Roderick Review (Week 15) 12/5/16-12/9/16

Roderick Review (Week 15) 12/5/16-12/9/16

Take a look at what Roderick students have been working on this week!

Fourth graders were identifying the author's purpose during Library class.

Fourth graders are beginning their biography unit.

Fourth graders are learning how to identify the "cause" and "effect" in  various situations.

Fourth Graders are identifying the character traits AND noticing how characters can change in the story depending upon which other characters they are interacting with.

Ms. Sharick recorded so many ideas from the readers in 4K!

Sgt. Smith is getting to know the students he will be working with this year during D.A.R.E.

The sixth graders also had a chance to get to know Sgt. Smith.

Fifth graders are working hard to deepen their thinking while they solve math problems and are employing strategies to help them to share their math thinking with others.

Fourth graders here are graphing their progress based upon the most recent multiplication fluency assessment.

Fifth graders are sharing their math thinking and classmates help to identify the positive strategies that the mathematician has employed while solving the problem.  (This is step one of the four steps shared.)

In the pictures that follow, fifth graders were creatively presenting information without talking to "show" the meaning of vocabulary words.
A comic strip...

A pictorial representation...

...and a dramatic representation just to share a few!

Friday, December 16th!
COLOR DAY!  Each class is represented by wearing a different color.  We will be collecting items for the Wrentham Food Pantry.  Check the images below to see what color you might want to wear!